is all about hobbies and sharing information.  For starters we are looking at railroads, model railroading and photography.

The photography area will cover many areas but the focus is on prototype railroad photos, model photos and collecting information to document prototype actions and support for modelling.

The model railroad area will look at model railroads, building them and running them.  We will have features on various projects such as scratchbuilding, kit bashing, finishing and detailing.

Railroads have been fascinating people for almost 200 years.  Here we will collect short articles and many photos of prototype and ancillary equipment from railroads around the world.

Our Primary Focus


Here we are looking at photography, mainly as it can be applied to railroads, both real and model. But we are not against any photo related topic that might be of interest.

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Model Railroading

Here are railroad models and model railroads. Large scale or small, simple or complex every goes. We may take a photo layout tour. We may show the progress on a bulding project. We may share experiences from an operating session.

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Prototype Railroads

Here is the real thing. Twelve inches to the foot. May be an current operating railroad, classic information on a fallen flag or a museum visit.

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